I am a lucky daydreamer who lives in a place where spring is filled with flower fields, blossoming trees of irresistible colors, where a daily bicycle ride on the streets of a charming old town can be pure therapy (especially in the rain:), where I learnt how to stop time and just dare to love and talk about the joy I find in the daily little things.

I come from a place where the Christmas spirit it’s still around and fairy tale winter days exist, where I can still find a beautiful genuine simplicity. This is for me where it’s the easiest to related to people’s way of being since it’s what I called home for 22 years, and I still do. I am in love with its colorful traditional clothes, which I still wear, its authentic folklore and traditions.

In between the Netherlands and Romania I truly enjoy traveling with my little family as far and as much as possible! I find traveling with the 3 of us the most fulfilling form of traveling so far. Besides that, I love traditions, languages and the whole process that comes with learning a new one, clean mountain air, turquoise waters, peony roses, reading biographies, healthy food, early mornings, the simple taste of chamomile tea, ice-skating, creativity in various forms, people who embrace their inner craziness, rhythm and dancing against it sometimes, old towns, Lisbon, cloche hats, old houses with high ceilings, an unfinished touch, finding treasures in second hand stores, brocante and of course daydreaming.

‘’My Daydream Gems’’ it’s a collection of little memorable moments that I find hard to keep for myself.