2 days in Vilnius with a 3 years old

After Berlin the next stop of our summer holiday was Vilnius.  It’s as such a pastel daydream gem!

Here is what we loved the most:

Our first morning there we headed to the Museum of Illusions. This is certainly such a fun family activity and you can take a bunch of hilarious pictures! It’s surprising and fascinating! I highly recommend it as a family experience!

Wander around this extremely beautiful city abundant in history with its pastel streets.

Uzupis or how they also call it ‘republic of Uzupis’. This is basically a bohemiam and artistic district, a self proclaimed republic. It has its own constitution, anthem, a guardian angel, the bronze angel of uzupis, and an interesting history. Dating back to the 16th century, Uzupis was one of Vilnius’ oldest and poorest districts. During the Soviet period it gained the notoriety of the roughest neighborhood in the city but after the fall of communism artists took advantage of the cheap accommodation and gave this place a new vibe turning it into one the most expensive districts of Vilnius. This atypical places give you such a laid back vibe. Being there on a hot summer afternoon completed the feeling.

We also spent almost a full day at the Trakai Castle and it’s surroundings. This is located outside the city, about an hour drive from Vilnius. Besides visiting the castle we also did a lovely boat trip on the lake in front of the castle.