Dolce Far Niente in Beautiful Queenstown!

After an intensive traveling day to Milford Sound, Queenstown came as a blessing! Such an amazing small town surrounded by magnificent nature. It definitely made my heart beat!! It was just the perfect places to spend 2 dolce far niente days! This is what we loved the most about it:

The spectacular view from the Queenstown Skyline. You can get up there with a gondola and come down with the luge. I only tried the luge once but my boys went several times.


The relaxing atmosphere in the center of the town nearby lake Wakatipu. We spent an entire afternoon there. Our little one loved throwing pebbles in the water and we just grabbed a few delicious bites and just enjoyed the sun, the view and peaceful atmosphere.


Queenstown definitely offers a large variety of activities for families with children. Besides this, Queenstown is also the paradise for blood pumping thrills like: bungy jumping, jetboarding, skydiving, paragliding. I was almost tempted to try out one but I did not want to interrupt my zen feeling about this place. In any case, the colorful parachutes of the courageous skydivers did add a wonderful touch to my pictures.