Far away in 3


A few weeks ago we embarked together with our 2,5 years old son on the longest and furthest travel adventure so far. The itinerary we choose looked like this: AmsterdamBaliMelbourneSydneyChristchurch(NZ)-Aukland(NZ)-Hong-KongAmsterdam and we had almost a month time for it. The purpose of our journey was to spend 2 weeks in New-Zealand, 3 days in Bali, 5 days in Australia and 1 day in Hong-Kong. You’re probably wondering if we were in our right mind to put ourselves through this but I can honestly tell that it just couldn’t have been better.  This trip was one of those that made it very hard to get back to the daily activities. We just loved the idea of spending 24 out of 24 just the 3 of us and it has reinstated my belief that if you’re up to, you can travel with your toddler as far as you want.

I will take you with me though each part of this fabulous experience and share some of the happy, challenging, inspiring, funny, breathtaking moments along the way.