From Taroko Gorge to Kenting (Taiwan)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog with our traveling adventures and I have accumulated quite a backlog. We went to Taiwan this year in February and there are a couple of places that I would really like to show you.

Our next plan was to drive from Taroko Gorge to the seaside in Kenting. It was a long (6 hours) drive which I am not sure we would repeat. The road to Kenting often felt like a treasure hunt. Despite most of it being heavily industrialised, there are a few breathtaking spots along the east coast.

One of them is the Sanxiantai Bridge, which is also considered the most famous landmark on the East Coast. The foot bridge (in the shape of waves) is about 400 meters long and it connects Sanxiantai with Taiwan. It’s just incredibly beautiful. The white wavy bridge, the turquoise colour of the water, the wild pebble beach, the dense clouds almost covering the rocks offered an almost surreal feeling. Needless to say that our toddler really enjoyed it, he ran and climbed all the stairs and played with the pebbles on the beach. He had a real sense of freedom after a few hours in the car.

We arrived late in the evening in Kenting.  The next days we just relaxed on the beach, watched little crabs and other little sea creatures, had a few walks. Every night we had dinner at the Kenting night market, which was the best night market from our entire trip. We also enjoyed a few wonderful sunsets. Some privately on the beach, and one night in what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Having to climb up the hill, pay an entrance fee and stand next to over a hundred other people mesmerized by the beautiful sunset certainly made this a memorable experience.