We spent the last 6 days of our vacation in Mahé. Mahé as the last destination was logistically a great choice. Having to rely on the inter-island ferry on your departure day means additional stress (we heard people sometimes miss their flight because of unannounced ferry delays), possible sea sickness and a lot of waiting, whereas now we could just leave our hotel two hours before departure and have a relaxed end of the vacation.

The first 3 days we spent them on the Western part of the island at the Constance Ephelia hotel, the only hotel we booked during our vacation. After a week of having improvised meals and takeaways, the half board at Constance Ephelia came as a blessing! The food was just fantastic! We spent the days by the beautiful beach and pool, mostly reading and playing. We decided not to take any excursions. This stop was just for relaxing and pampering!

The last 3 days we rented a room in the wonderful Chateau Elysium on the Northern side of the island, on the Beau Vallon beach. This is a very beautiful beach and compared to other beaches here you could swim very well. We spent a lot of time swimming in the ocean or building sand castles on the beach. The last day the waves were quite high, but it was still a lot of fun. While this beach has a couple of restaurants and hotels, and is therefore more commercial than most beaches in the Seychelles, it is just stunning.

We had a hard time leaving this place!