Pure Paradise-LA DIGUE

Our journey continued with La Digue, the most beautiful place I have even seen. As mentioned in my earlier post, if I would go again I would spent at least 7 days here. It’s pure paradise!

From Praslin we took the boat (about 15 minutes) to La Digue and were picked up by the owner of Etoile Labrine, the guesthouse we stayed in, a place I highly recommend.

This is what we absolutely loved about La Digue:


The island is almost car free and the way to get around is either by walking or bicycling. Upon our arrival we rented two bikes, one with a child seat and started exploring the island. The fact that almost everyone was using a  bike offered the island a very laid back, relaxing, romantic feeling. Biking is certainly the way to breath in all that beauty! I loved the idea of stepping on my bike first think in the morning and heading to the world most beautiful beaches. It’s definitely unique!

The Giant Land Turtles

Turtles are one of my favorites ever since I was little. Cycling next to these amazing giant turtles was quiet an experience. They also have turtle farms on all the islands but seeing them walking freely is really special.

The beaches, of course!

We picked up our bikes and went straight to what is considered the world most beautiful beach: Anse Source d’Argent. I could confirm it deserves its fame. The transparent water, colorful fishes,  the white sand and nevertheless the oddly shaped granite boulders, specific to the Seychelles  make it breathtaking. During our 4 days stay we went everyday to this beach. Early in the morning, when there isn’t almost anyone around it’s simply magic. I could be forever part of this scenery. We spent endless hours playing and enjoying. Our toddler loved the fishes in the water.

We also explored by bike other wonderful beaches out of which our favorite was: Grosse Roche. There was nobody around when we got there so we had again a beach for ourselves. Such a magnificent beach!!This is the first time I saw purple shells, the sand had lots of colorful coral and the rock on the beach is so imposing and surreal. No wonder that this beach was used as a filmset for Crusoe in 1987 and various commercials.

Grand Anse and the Petite Anse were also stunning beaches very different from the other two. The water is quite wavy here so when we were there it was impossible to swim. However, just relaxing on the beach was enough. In order to get to Petit Anse you need to do a short hike through the granite boulders. It’s similar to the Grand Anse. By the time we got there our toddler was already very tired from a whole day of beach so we stayed very little.

Its such a feeling to explore the island by bike and to realize that almost every stop has a breathtaking beach nearby. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life so far!

The absence of beach bars 

I loved the absence of loud music, of beach bars! It’s not that I don’t like to have a drink on the beach but in this particular place I would not see them. The wild, deserted aspect of some beaches is just priceless as is!

It’s been the kind of experience that makes you feel relaxed and happy only when you think about it.