5 hours Auckland with a toddler

As we are slowly approaching the end of this magnificent travel year, I realized that I haven’t really written on my blog for a few weeks. Time goes by so fast, especially with a sweetheart toddler. I am planning to continue documenting our travels, but also to provide some tips on activities you could do with a toddler in the Netherlands, the country we live in. I’ve been to so many great places with my son and I am always thinking that I would love to share this with other families planning to go to the Netherlands. There is so much to discover here for kids of all ages.

But before that, I will go back to the end of our trip. We left Rotorua in the morning and drove to Auckland for the afternoon since we had a late night flight to Honk Kong.

We had about 5 hours in rainy Auckland, so here is what we’ve done:

-Auckland Sky Tower. The view was nice but in a rainy day you won’t get the same effect as on a sunny one. Our toddler loved the transparent floors (no fear of heights what so ever). He run up and down, was counting the cars below:). There is also free Wifi so we could video-call our families at the other side of the world (12 hours time difference).

-Walked around the city  and had a delicious meal at the Elliot Stables food court, a place I would highly recommend. They have a variety of great options from all over the world.

-Went to the harbor and stared at the cruise ships:)

I think I would like to visit Auckland again just to get a better idea of the city, to feel its vibe, because  the 5 hours we spend there on a rainy day did not particularly impress me. This could also be easily due to the unimaginable beauty of the rest of this country.